MEP DesignESA engineering is an international Building Services Engineering Company, offering a full range of

MEP Design, Project Management, Retail Engineering Design Development

and Consultancy Services for residential and commercial buildings. Our professionals can help you through all building project phases, from planning to actual design and subsequent maintenance phases with a particular objective of sustainable resources and certainly operating costs.

With offices in Italy, UK and Qatar, we apply our knowledge and expertise for a wide range of projects around the world. Through our international network of building services engineers, we are able to be present on site at every phase of the project and work with other professionals and with the customer in order to achieve all the goals on time and within budget.

MEP DesignFor over over 20 years, ESA engineering has consolidated its reputation as a trusted partner for innovative and efficient solutions in technological systems, fire prevention and acoustic strategies.

Over 80 engineering professionals from ESA engineering can help you throughout all the building project phases: from energy strategy to design phases, and subsequent works supervision and commissioning phase.

ESA engineering started to design solutions with a particular attention to energy saving and atmospheric emissions reduction even before green building design became trendy. Energetic certifications, LEED, BREEAM etc. are the natural results of this way of working.  We support smart building, using renewable energy sources, adopting building automation technology to reduce consumption and pollution emissions. This is a must to meet the challenge of climate and environment safeguard.

The opportunity to collaborate with several of the most important Italian Brands in the fashion industry, from our beginnings, gave us a strict business ethic and the ability to meet clients’ needs in first. Therefore, we adopt scrupulous working method that pay attention to the smallest details keeping to tight deadlines.

Your aim is our aim